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Jupiter: Double Your Luck With The Great Benefic

How To Get Lucky With Your Natal Jupiter

So you want to double your luck, eh? Well, if there’s one planet to help you achieve limitless abundance, it’s the great benefic Jupiter. So in this article…

We're talking about:

In astrology, Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic. It symbolizes expansion, growth, abundance, and higher learning. Jupiter’s archetypal energy encourages us to seek philosophical exploration and spiritual evolution, promoting conscious expansion and soul growth so that we can be empowered to create an abundant life.

Jupiter acts as a cosmic magnifier, amplifying the areas of our lives it touches, offering opportunities for both spiritual and practical luck.

Jupiter’s influence is not just about receiving blessings; it’s about recognizing and capturing the essence of luck as it flows through our lives. Understanding Jupiter’s placement in your natal chart can reveal where and how you will most likely experience this expansive energy.


Luck is not always about random chance. Often, it’s about being prepared and open to opportunities when they present themselves. Here are some tips to help you capture luck before it passes you by:

  1. Stay Alert and Ready: Be aware of your surroundings and the opportunities that come your way. Luck favors the prepared mind, so stay informed and ready to act.

  2. Maintain a Positive Attitude: A positive mindset attracts positive outcomes. Believe in your luck and approach life with optimism.

  3. Trust Your Intuition: Your inner guidance can lead you to the right place at the right time. Listen to your instincts and act on them.

  4. Take Calculated Risks: Sometimes, luck requires a leap of faith. Assess the risks and be willing to step out of your comfort zone when necessary.

  5. Create Opportunities: Don’t just wait for luck to find you. Create your own opportunities through networking, learning, and staying active in your pursuits.

Consciously practicing these five steps will tell Jupiter you’re on the ball and ready to receive! We made you a screen saver below to help remind you to declare: I am open and ready to receive! Just screenshot it and add it to your home screen!

Screenshot This Screen Saver!


Astrological houses symbolize various areas of life where the energies of the zodiac signs and planets manifest. These houses can be understood through both physical settings and personal experiences. When Jupiter, known as the Great Benefic, occupies a house, it brings its expansive, optimistic, and growth-oriented energy to that area, influencing how we experience and navigate different aspects of our lives.

Understanding Jupiter's placement by the house in your natal chart can help you see where you will most likely experience luck and growth. If you don’t already have a natal chart, go to www.astro.com, put in your name, birthday, birthplace, and time of birth, and it will auto-generate your chart. Then, locate Jupiter and read the description of Jupiter in each house below..

  • Jupiter in the 1st House: Personal development and self-discovery. Luck comes from projecting confidence and optimism.

  • Jupiter in the 2nd House: Financial growth and material security. Practical luck is found in managing and growing your resources.

  • Jupiter in the 3rd House: Communication and learning. Luck through education, networking, and everyday interactions.

  • Jupiter in the 4th House: Family and home life. Creating a nurturing environment brings growth and luck.

  • Jupiter in the 5th House: Creativity and joy. Self-expression and engaging in fun activities attract luck.

  • Jupiter in the 6th House: Service and health. Improving well-being and helping others brings practical luck.

  • Jupiter in the 7th House: Relationships and partnerships. Meaningful connections foster growth and luck.

  • Jupiter in the 8th House: Transformation and shared resources. Embrace deep connections and change for luck.

  • Jupiter in the 9th House: Higher learning and adventure. Luck through travel, education, and philosophical pursuits.

  • Jupiter in the 10th House: Career and public life. Striving for success and recognition attracts luck.

  • Jupiter in the 11th House: Social networks and humanitarian efforts. Community involvement and innovative ideas bring opportunities.

  • Jupiter in the 12th House: Spiritual growth and introspection. Solitude and mystical pursuits enhance luck.

In addition to the house your natal Jupiter is in, it’s important to consider the sign it’s in as well. Below is a breakdown of Jupiter in each sign.


The zodiac signs are seen as different ways people express themselves. Each sign embodies a unique set of traits and characteristics that influence how individuals think, feel, and behave. These signs act as archetypes, representing distinct modes of expression that shape our personalities and interactions with the world. When Jupiter is involved, it amplifies these expressions, bringing growth, optimism, and expansive energy to the traits and characteristics of each sign. Jupiter’s influence can enhance our natural tendencies, encouraging us to explore new opportunities, embrace a more positive outlook on life, and attract luck into our lives.

Jupiter’s placement by sign in your natal chart reveals the qualities you can develop to attract luck. After you find the house Jupiter is in, find the degree point where Jupiter is sitting, which will only be in one sign. Then, read the descriptions below to see how Jupiter in each sign helps you to attract luck.

  • Jupiter in Aries: Bold actions and leadership. Initiating new ventures brings luck.

  • Jupiter in Taurus: Stability and sensual pleasures. Patience and appreciating material comforts attract luck.

  • Jupiter in Gemini: Communication and intellectual curiosity. Learning and sharing ideas bring opportunities.

  • Jupiter in Cancer: Emotional depth and family connections. Nurturing and protecting loved ones foster luck.

  • Jupiter in Leo: Self-expression and creativity. Showcasing your talents attracts admiration and opportunities.

  • Jupiter in Virgo: Service and attention to detail. Refining skills and helping others bring luck.

  • Jupiter in Libra: Relationships and harmony. Balance and beauty in partnerships enhance luck.

  • Jupiter in Scorpio: Transformation and rebirth. Embracing change and exploring life’s mysteries attract luck.

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius: Adventure and higher learning. Travel and expansive experiences bring growth and luck.

  • Jupiter in Capricorn: Discipline and long-term goals. Perseverance and practical achievements attract luck.

  • Jupiter in Aquarius: Innovation and humanitarian efforts. Unconventional ideas and community work bring opportunities.

  • Jupiter in Pisces: Compassion and intuition. Mystical experiences and emotional connectivity foster luck.


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