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How to Use Your Words As Spells πŸͺ„

conscious language & the throat chakra

The words you speak have incredible power, and when mindfully planned and spoken, they become spells that shift your reality from mundane to magical. 

Here are the key concepts you need to know to make the shift:

  1. The words you speak come from your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, which are shaped by your subconscious mind and life experiences - so they mirror your inner world.

  2. Words are energy that imprint the quantum field with instructions about how you want your life experience to manifest.

  3. Putting power behind your words by way of yelling, singing, or using incantations makes them stronger and helps them to manifest faster.


In his cornerstone work, Conscious Language: The Logos of Now, Robert Tennyson Stevens says:

β€œThe language of the heart is the language of creation. Speak from the heart, and you will manifest your dreams.”

Tap into the Language of the Heart

Your mind knows you want the bag, shoes, or new meditation pillow, but the heart knows why you want those things. The mind focuses on the physical items, while the heart understands the deeper desires and emotional fulfillment they represent.

By tuning into the language of the heart, you align with your true intentions and bypass many manifesting blocks that arise from the egoic mental faculty. When you speak your heart's desires aloud, you connect with the purest form of your intentions, allowing the universe to respond more authentically to your needs.

How to Tap into the Language of the Heart:

1. Identify Core Desires: Ask yourself why you want something. What emotional or spiritual need does it fulfill?

- Example: "I want a new meditation pillow because it will will feel softer and help me relax more than the one I have now.”

2. Express Aloud: Speak these heart-centered desires out loud. This vocalization bridges the gap between intention and manifestation.

- Example: "I desire peace and serenity in my meditation practice."

3. Align Actions: Take actions that resonate with your heart's desires. Let your words guide your actions in alignment with your true self.

- Example: Enhance your meditation space with something you already have that honors your desire for serenity.

4. Release Egoic Attachments: Let go of the need for external validation or material success driven by the ego. Focus on what truly brings joy and fulfillment.

- Example: "I release the need for approval and embrace what genuinely makes my heart happy."

By understanding and expressing the language of your heart and empowering your desires with mindful language - you unlock a powerful pathway to manifesting a life that resonates with your true self. This heartfelt alignment not only enhances your manifesting abilities but also brings deeper satisfaction and joy into your life.

Harnessing the Power of the Throat Chakra For Faster Manifestation

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